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Shipping containerWe are at heart a Commercial and Export business. We don’t have retail locations, and sell online direct to the consumer, as well as dealing commercially with customers buying in bulk both in the UK and worldwide. 

Who do we work with?

 Retail / Wholesale supply 

  • Fill to order 20 & 40ft containers for UK & worldwide shipping
  • Source & Ship multiple items

Premises refits 

  • Want a new style for your Pub, restaurant, shop or club?
  • We can find and deliver the whole in a single order to a specified material, style or mix

TV/film staging or specific commissions 

  • Palletise & ship 1+ items to worldwide locations

Interior Designer support 

  • Customised item sourcing, finishing & simple upholstery to order

Expatriate house setup

  • Setting up in a new country ? Want a touch of home?
  • Room packages available

Corporate events or Parties

  • Want handmade wooden items to have a mark of real exclusivity?
  • Bulk Wands & Specific commissions 

Real wood wands in bulk - For Retail or Parties?

Party wand packs real wood wands in bulk for parties and events  harry potter wands Bulk orders 100+ of Wands for onward reselling ( with packaging presentation choices ) at significant discounts on retail prices. 
Fast order process for corporate events and parties. 
If you are interested in a quote please get in touch to discuss all your needs direct on:
Email: Wandmakers@BritishOriginals.com
Alternatively by Phone: +44 (0) 7305909529

Our wholesale furniture propositions

Find 'THAT' Single item finding & finishing to order with our commission service 

SPECIFIED WHOLESALEMultiple items. A three step process to get a commercial volume of what you need, for premises refitting or retail resale. We’ll supply a full catalogue to help you specify including; picture examples in all categories, proposition descriptions and price guides.         

RESTORED RETAIL MIX  Multiple items. We find the best of what’s available in the market, restore it to a ready to sell/use condition & ship. Here 
Bulk furniture ready for shipping 

How to arrange Bulk / Specialist furniture?

Using our simple 3 step selection process, we can customise all commercial packages to suit our customers.
If you are interested in a quote please get in touch to discuss all your needs direct on:
Email: Commercial@BritishOriginals.com
Alternatively by Phone: +44 (0) 7305909529

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