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It's amazing what a skilled clean can achieve. Removing 100+ years of smoke, dirt & dust. On the left hand side you can see the colour this 150 year old tea caddy came to us in.

However things often need a little more work. Our restoration service includes; Structural fixes, French polishing, Veneering and upholstery. 

All our items for sale have also been hand restored in our Cheshire workshop or Browse our previously sold pieces 

Some examples of our work 

Restoration Testimonials

" Love it, Love it, Love it " Paul, Leeds 

Fixing a warped top requires lots of clamps! 

Varnished finish had gone patchy and orange.

After the varnish has been removed, the stop straightened & a clear wax finish applied,  the quality of the 120 year old oak shines through.  

" What a wonderful job you've done on that, it looks amazing! "

Amanda, Cheshire


A Victorian pine coffee table. Previously painted green. 

Style specified - Vintage family room

Restoration request: Remove the paint, treat for woodworm, highlight the battered nature of the table. Wax infill & polish. 

" Very impressed with our've transformed it. Smells lovely too. Like new. Many thanks. Happy to recommend you"

 Sonia & Peter,Cheshire


Previously painted white these were stripped in our workshop back to the raw wood. 

Restoration request - Remove paint, Clear wax finish to leave the paleness of the pine. Style specified - Modern Farmhouse.

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