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Restoring Antique and Vintage Furniture: How to.. guides Here at British Originals we are all about bringing new ideas and new people to old, antique, vintage and classic household furniture & items. Whatever you are doing, or looking at, the key is to use it and enjoy it, just like our motto - Restored, Adored

Do you really like the look of old items but have some questions? Look no further. We've created some simple guides to get you started.

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Antique & Vintage furniture restoration guides from BritishOriginals.

Furniture care guides. 

Antique furniture care & Restoration, How to guides, Step by step instructions. 

Glossary of Antique and Furniture terms Common terms explained  - Antique & Vintage Furniture

Really want to take a restoration project of your own on ?

See our favourite external links to more advanced resources on how to french polish or re-wax an item. 

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