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How to.....Clean oil paintings


In general, dusting is great, wetting causes problems, detergents are a no no.

If dirt builds up or there’s a spill firstly assess the value.

If it’s precious contact a professional art cleaner ( no seriously - the lawyers are very clear about this one ) 

 Oil painting Still Life


  • With a dry and clean paint brush dust gently the frame and picture with vacum adjacent but not touching
  • Take cooled boiled water in a clean pot and add a very small amount of washing up liquid 1 drop per shot glass
  • Get some cotton buds, wet one and test wipe gently on a peripheral area
  • If paint comes away on the bud stop.
  • If only muck on the bud, wipe gently across the piece removing dirt as you go from a small area
  • Repeat with extreme patience


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