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How to.....Clean upholstered furniture

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Fabric - Everyday Care



  • Keep upholstered furniture out of direct sunlight as most fabrics will fade. Vacuum surfaces weekly. Flip cushions and pillows regularly so both sides wear evenly. For added safety, carefully apply Scotchguard to help repel spots and stains.

Leather - Everyday Care


Leather is a type of material that is easily maintained, Keep your leather looking, feeling, and even smelling new.


  • Leather can dry out and crack, try to keep leather furniture at least 2 feet from heat sources and out of direct sunlight.
  • Clean the piece with a damp sponge or soft cloth and dust it regularly, ideally via vacuuming with a soft brush extension.
  • Occasionally polish the leather a cleaning solution combined with a leather feed  to maintain moisture & flexibility and prevent cracking which occurs when it dries out

Leather – Special cleaning


  • For excessive soiling, use a solution of 1/4 cup white vinegar with 1/2 cup water to clean with a soft cloth.
  • Follow this with a washing of leather saddle soap.
  • Rub the furniture with a dry soft cloth
  • Feed (remoisturise) the area using a leather feed cream
  • Always follow the instructions on the products you use

Nubuck care

Harder to keep clean than the other forms of leather due to the texture not being smooth.

Prevention is better than cure here

  • Use a product such as Leather Master Nubuck cleaner and protection which will help the leather resist natural body oils, liquid spills, perspiration and maintain the velvet/suede texture.


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