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Links for Restoration guides, More information on Antiques, Restorers & Retailers

Restoration guides

The English Polisher's You Tube channel.

Loads of videos on how to French Polish, Make a Rubber, Stain & Restore. 


Briwax's guide to polishing furniture (* other brands are available and maybe better suited to different tasks) 


More information about Antique Furniture 

A great slideshow of different english furniture styles throughout the ages

An illustrated timeline of the styles of period english furniture

A list of the influences & style titles through the ages

European english furniture timeline

The history of furniture, Kings & Queens, Dates  & Styles all in one image! 

A history of furnture 

Antique and Vintage Furniture restorers and retailers

Specialist Furniture restorers

BritishOriginals don’t sell our services for historically significant or very specialist furniture restoration projects.

If you do have a family antique you’d like to see restored here are some recommended partners:  

JD Worral

Master Craftsman  & Tutor

B.A Honours Degree in Furniture Conservation (1st Class)


Antique furniture retail


Arthur Lee   Est. 1919



High end antiques e.g. Waring & Gillow, a range of modern designs, lamps & pictures, plus Farrow & Ball paint stockists.

Domestic and Export 



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