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We are strong advocates of outreach to the non wizarding community & several squibs & muggles work with us.
We have had problems in the past with some muggle apprentices confusing horse hair with Dragonheartstring, Veela Hair, Unicorn hair & Thestral tail hair. Additionally sometimes british bird feathers have been confused with our prime Phoenix Feathers sourced from the Enchanted feather company.
Should your wand not function magically, we can only apologise for our muggle's mistake. Please apparate to our English workshop & we will rectify the problem immediately whilst you enjoy a complimentary butterbeer.


HM Ministry of Magic Legal stuff
These are handcrafted, pointed hardwood wands 9-14 Inches long. They will splinter & break in battle, or if bashed against a wall, or a face.
They are not suitable for very small children. Wands are assigned to trainee wizards aged 11 for a reason.
These are original British handmade wooden wands and are not associated with the Warner Bros / Harry Potter world - their wands are resin.
                                                                     J K Rowling is a creative genius.
Master wandmakers real solid wood magic wands
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