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Master Wandmakers methods

Superb quality and hours of craftsmanship, go into every wand. Each design is completely unique, direct from the hand of our master wandmakers. 
Handles are from very old & often magical wood, where we place a custom hole for each shaft. The shaft is either hand carved or turned from hardwood & the two pieces are shaped together & carved. 
Other wands are turned in a single solid length ready to withstand all that life and magic throws at them. 
You can browse our wands by tags in our shop to see different styles of wands such as " Turned " or " Carved shaft ". 

Handmaking real wood wands

Most wands are wholly turned in a single wand wood.  Designs are carved into the wood, one of our Wandmakers specialises in ancient Runes, another in carving the initials of the wand's owner. 


Unicorn Hair magic core Magical core  - Before the wand shaft is hafted ( fixed to the handle ) we place the hair of the core around the base of the shaft. In the case of wholly turned wands we insert the magic in the end of the handle, & use a wooden plug to secure.

Phoenix Feather Magic core Each wand contains a different magic* core  - here unicorn hair & Phoenix feathers. Feather are inserted into the handle and then a hardwood plug is fixed to secure them.  Hair & Dragon Heart string are either wrapped around the shaft of our wands or inserted in the handle.    | * Muggle Warning  |

French polish ( Shellac ) on an ebony stained wand Finishing - Our wands are then French Polished, with layer upon layer of natural Shellac, which gives a wonderful feel in the hand, and a deep gloss shine. 

Alternatively they are;  (2) Lacquered which gives a less smooth feel and a lighter depth shine

or (3) oiled which gives a matte tone and a rougher real wood feel to touch.


Testing - Wands are then accurately measured using ancient Wandmaking tools. 
A Wand should be between 9 & 14 Inches long, but we have made pocket wands and larger wands for Giants in the past. 


Presentation of your wand

Several choices, either the solo wand or a range of different boxes and cases with customisation available. 

We have recycled cardboard gift boxes. Each has a material lining within which is a custom cut groove to protect your wand at rest. We ribbon or string tie the each box.
  Recycled Card Wand gift box with Certificate of authenticity 


A Certificate of Authenticity is completed by the master wandmaker who made your completely unique wand. It includes; what it's made from, it's magical core and when it was made and comes with all our boxes & cases. 


Waxed Wooden wand display case Alternatively we have wooden wand cases, waxed or french polished and also holding a material lined padded wand rest. 


Traditional Red wax Seal of BritishOriginals - Wandmakers Finally we apply our own traditional red wax seal to each box. 

In special cases, wands are housed in Antique wand boxes ready for a lifetime of safekeeping.


Wand Display Stands Showing off your wand - NEW  - Recycled wooden display stands, each stained to a different colour and French polished to a great gloss shine.



For More information please apparate to our English Workshop.
If you don't yet have your apparating licence please email

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