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Packaging and Shipping

How we carefully pack your item to survive postmen, couriers, rain, sleet, snow & shine 

  • Personalised - Hand made custom boxes for each item
  • Green - We use recycled cardboard & pallets (Donated by local businesses)
  • Secure - Padding for sensitive areas & generously encased in waterproof palletwrap

Our standard safe packaging service described

 STEP 1 - Insulate

  • Secure any keys / shelves
  • Wrap each item in a generous layer of bubble wrap

STEP 2A - Pad sensitive areas 

  • Add extra bubblewrap, polystyrene or inflatable padding to exposed areas e.g. corners

STEP 2B - Timber box or plate to prevent shocks

  • For sensitive areas ( e.g. on occasional table feet ) we add a timber crate to help with carriage
Timber crate

STEP 3 - Make a  box

  • Handmade to exactly fit the item being shipped
  • Add extra layers of cardboard to corners to give additional support 
  • We use recycled materials wherever possible to reduce our environmental footprint 

STEP 4 -  Wrap 

  • We use pallet wrap (very thick cling film) to encase the item
  • Pulled tight to give strength 
  • Waterproofs the box
  • Applied in all 3 dimensions in continuous sheets 

STEP 5 - Label & Go

  • Add any specific labels 
  • Book the courier and it's away to you
Labelled & ready

Courier Wrapping Service

Should you book your courier through us we'll always package your item safely ready to be picked up and shipped for free.  

Should you want to book your own courier to collect the item ( there are some great deals to be had out there on sites like Shiply,) we charge a small fee to package ready for safe transport. 

Premium Packaging Service  

We can make a custom wooden crate for any very sensitive item prior to posting or courier collection. Contact us for more details and a quick quote. 

Pallet Service 

We can ship large items nationally and internationally securely attached to pallets. Interested in this service? Contact us for more details 

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