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Wholesale proposition: Restored Retail Mix

Not sure exactly what to order to fill your container? 

Don’t want to miss a great piece just because it’s not on your specified order list?

Our Restored Retail Mix proposition is perfect for you.

Let British Originals’ experts select the best of what’s available for you, within some looser guidelines than apply to our SPECIFIED WHOLESALE proposition

Restored Retail Mix

We find the best of what’s available in the British market, restore it to a ready to sell/use condition & ship

This suits:

-  Retailers looking for a range of age/styles/materials

-  People seeking a traditional Antique/Vintage shop eclectic mix for their business

We will supply a catalogue to help decision making including; picture examples in all categories, proposition descriptions and price guides. 

Place your order & in a 1-3 month timescale we'll fill a container & ship globally as required

Interested? Just get in touch to discuss further. 

Have a clear idea of what you are looking for? See our SPECIFIED WHOLESALE 3 step process  or commission us to find a specific item. 

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