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Wholesale proposition: Specified Wholesale

Know what you want ? We’ve developed a 3 step process to give a smooth and clear way to do business & bulk order restored British Antiques via filled shipping containers (or the van of your choice)

Below is an example of our 3 step process - how you can choose with us directly. If it's of interest please do get in touch to get started, just email Commercial@BritishOriginals.com or click the get in touch link below. 

STEP 1: Select the function or type of the items you are looking  via our standardised categories

An Example Order:     

Product Group #
Dining Table  8
Side table 20
Chest of Drawers >120cm W 6
Desk - Pedestal 5
Mirror - Table 25
Etc etc 

STEP 2: Select the style and finish of the items

Example  A: 5 Desks

        ERA – 1750-1830 Georgian/Regency- aka. “Whigs & Trading Companies”

Typically Georgian mahogany, walnut & dark oak. Classic simple lines, enhanced by age.

FINISH - French Polish ( Shellac) 

Example B: 8 Dining tables

        ERA – 1930-1950 “Hearth & Home”

Typically dark or light oak & Beech. Mid 20th C simple styles & smaller sizes. 

FINISH - Light oak , Waxed 

STEP 3: Select what level of restoration we should do to the items.

Choose from our three interchangeable services, to have your items shipped unaltered, or returned to sparkling originality.


We find & ship items in their “as found” states. This can be specified at different levels of restoration effort that will be required on them. 

This suits :

    • People looking to use local resources to fix & finish items
    • People looking for raw pieces to customise into local styles & finishes


We find, fix, finish & ship items ready for everyday use.*1  
This suits:
    • Those who don’t have a local restoration capability or appetite.
    • Those who want functional & fabulous pieces ready to sell or use.
    • Those who enjoy the character of old pieces where age shows. Sensitive repairs can be clearly seen and pieces have a feel which encourages them to be enjoyed rather than just dusted.

*1 Dependent on what's need this includes; Woodworm treatment, Repair, Veneer patching, Upholstery and Wood finishing (French polish, Shellac, Wax, Varnish, Paint, )


We will supply a catalogue to help decision making including; picture examples in all categories, proposition descriptions and price guides. Just get in touch for a quote.

Not sure exactly what to order? Don’t want to miss a great piece just because it’s not on your list?

How about our Restored Retail Mix proposition? Let British Originals’ experts select the best of what’s available for you, within some looser guidelines 

Only looking for a single item ? Use our Find that service to tell us what you are looking for. 

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