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Real wood magic wands for sale, calling harry potter fans, witches, wizards and muggles 

Real wood wands for sale, magic wands, each completely unique & handmadeCalling all Harry Potter & Fantastic beasts fans, own your own solid wood magic wand from one of Ollivander's strongest British rivals.

We offer a wide selection of completely individual & magic**  wands. 
Handmade in England - posted worldwide.

Real wood magic wands for sale - Each completely unique Our handmade wands are solid wood and finished in many layers of natural French polish (shellac) to a deep gloss shine which feels wonderful in the hand.  

Magic Wands for muggles, witches & wizard alike | 

Inside each wand is a magic core ** for example Phoenix feather .
See our  Wandmakers process  for more details. 
Magic wand cores ** See our Muggle Warning for more information on the magical ability of your wand, or our Wand wood guide for which wood will suit you best.

They say the wand chooses the wizard. Which one will choose you ?  | All wands for sale | 

If selected, our wands come with their own box, traditionally wax sealed, with our own Wandmakers official  stamp.

Inside is lined wand rest, and a Certificate of Authenticity, detailing the wood type and magic core of your wand, signed by the Master Wandmaker who made it.

Solid hardwood magic wands, 9-14 Inches long, each unique. Handmade in England by Master Craftsmen. For more information see our wandmaking process or Pottermore on Wands, and the Fantastic beasts wiki.



Special antique wand boxes. of great age which we line with material and customise to store and display your wand with style.
Wandmakers - Official Red wax seal
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For more information from our master wandmakers please apparate to our workshop or email  Wandmakers@BritishOriginals.com

 For more information, please apparate to our English workshop or email Wandmakers@BritishOriginals.com