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12 Inch Redwood, Real wood Wand  | Handmade & Unique |

BritishOriginals Wandmakers

12 Inch Redwood, Real wood Wand | Handmade & Unique |


A unique solid wood wand, hand turned. Finished in a light shine lacquer and a touch of wax. 

Each from the hands of our Master Wandmakers, this wooden wand is: 

Made from -  Redwood

Size (Inches) -  12 " 

Magic core of -  Unicorn Hair

Each wand comes wrapped safely for postage however most witches & wizards want to have something to keep it safe or show it off. 

Wand gift / Presentation box & Certificate of Authenticity: ( Select as a variant ) 

Lined with velvet or silky material, this custom recycled card box has a specially cut recess to seat your wand safely. Within is a Certificate of Authenticity, specifying the type of wood and magic core which make up your wand. Remember each of our wands is unique, no two are the same, so each certificate is signed and dated by the Master Wandmaker who made it. Completed with our own traditional red wax seal of authenticity.  

Wooden Wand display cases, Waxed Want to protect your wand for the ages ? See our collection of  Wooden display cases and Wand stands.  Each lined with our own red wax seal of authenticity. 

Post worldwide - Postage from as little as £3.25 calculated based on your location at checkout.  Please note that if the 'Solo Wand' is showing as sold out then this unique wand has gone, view our available wands here

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For more information from our master wandmakers please apparate to our workshop or email

This wand's unique reference number ( Please quote in any correspondence ) is SKU/URN:  

This item's Unique Reference Number (for messaging us about it) is : 400297-1

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