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Custom Wand | Pottermore Wand #3 Style | Handmade |  Digital design, made real

Custom Wand | Pottermore Wand #3 Style | Handmade | Digital design, made real


Your Design, Made real.

 A solid wood wand, hand carved from a single solid piece. Pottermore style digital design - made real. There is nothing like the feel and balance of a real wood wand in your hand. 

With this wand design you can specific; wood type, colour, finish, presentation / gift box & Personalised Certificate of Authenticity, length & your wand's Magic Core.

To buy your custom wand in ***this*** design/style please purchase your chosen product variant ( Solo wand, or Wand + recycled gift box & Certificate of authenticity )

Then in the order notes tell us, your wand specifications:

  • Wood - Which wood type ? 
  • Colour - Deep ebony, a darker tone or the paler natural wood ? 
  • Finish - Which Finish ? ( See below ) 
  • Length – What length of wand ? 
  • Magic Core - Which magic core ? * ( See our Muggle Warning )
  • If you have one, Add a link to a picture, or email wandmakers@britishoriginals.com

Should you require Carved initials or a different design/style of wand, please complete our custom wand form and we'll come back to you with a quote for your wand and design as soon as we can.  Alternatively just contact us, we are always happy to help !

Some more detail on your options: 
Wood type: All our wand woods are from English suppliers and recycled or responsibly sourced new.
Currently available wand woods; Oak, Alder, Chestnut, Teak, Ash, Walnut, Holly, Apple, Pear, Willow, Maple, Laburnum, Laurel, Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Poplar, Tulipwood, Beech, Elm, Mahogany, Hazel, Cedar, Birch, Yellow Pine, Pine, Spruce, Redwood, Larch, Fir, Lime, Yew, Sycamore, Cypress, Cherry, Acacia ( some rarer woods will attract a small extra charge between £1-3)

Colour: Natural light wood tone, through darker tones, all the way to inky dark ebony. Please specify.


  1. Deep gloss & super smooth in the hand French polish ( Natural Shellac)
  2. Lighter shine Lacquer
  3. Matte Oiled finish with more of a real wood feel in the hand. 

Each solo wand comes wrapped safely for postage however most witches & wizards want to have something to keep it safe or show it off.

PRESENTATION Box & Certificate of Authenticity: ( Product Variant )
Lined with velvet or silky material, this recycled card box has a specially cut wand rest with a recess to seat your wand safely.
Within is a Certificate of Authenticity, specifying the type of wood and magic core which make up your wand. The box is completed with ribbon tie and our own traditional red wax seal. Box Size ( 35x11x6cm)
Each certificate is signed and dated by the master wandmaker who made it.
We can customise the certificate, for example writing " This wand chose...."

Wooden wand box ( Product Variant ) 
We also have wooden wand stands & wooden wand display boxes compatible with this custom made wand. We can also carve initials or messages in wands for a small additional fee.

Production time : Varies but typically we need 5-10 days for the finish to dry, if you have a specific date you need your wand by please do let us know.

    Post worldwide - Postage from as little as £3.25 calculated based on your location at checkout.  See our global postage rate guide for more details.

    All our wands are:

    • Made from solid wood ( often very old and already magical )
    • Wholly turned or have a turned handle and a carved shaft
    • Have a magic core
    • Finished in many layers of French polish (Shellac) to give a wonderful feel in the hand & deep gloss shine.  ( Lacquer or Oil can also be specified to give a lighter shine or more Matte finish and real wood feel in the hand) 
    • Between 9" and 14" inches long

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