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ROWAN Rare Wand wood Surcharge  - for custom orders

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ROWAN Rare Wand wood Surcharge - for custom orders


Some rarer wand woods which are more expensive to buy, need to have a small extra charge.

Rowan is particularly hard to source so we have to add this surcharge to custom orders. 

To buy a custom wand or Pottermore style a in Rowan wood, please just add the this product to your basket :

Other Rarer woods currently available are : 
Acacia, Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Hazel Holly, Alder, Silver Lime, Black Walnut, 
To buy these see the rarer wand woods product here

For Blackthorn see here 

For Elder See here 

For Vine See here 


For Aspen see its product here 

Not currently available rarer woods: ( Please inquire to be put on our waiting list via contact form or email ) 
Dogwood,  Rosewood, 

For Ebony please contact us on

This item's Unique Reference Number (for messaging us about it) is : 800001-ROWAN

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